Many consider dogwoods to be the aristocrat of small flowering trees.  A claim that is not unjustified. The height and spread varies depending on the species and its location in the landscape. Dogwoods grow at a slow to moderate rate.


Each species brings its own value to the landscape. The “flowers” of the Flowering Dogwood and Kousa Dogwood are not actually flowers, but bracts, which are modified leaves that look like petals. The true flowers are clustered in the center of these bracts. The bracts may be white, pink or yellow. Fruit may be scarlet red (Flowering Dogwood and Cornelian Cherry Dogwood) or pinkish red (Kousa Dogwood).


This plant can be used as a border accent, near a deck or patio or as a specimen. It can also be used in containers. It is also a good candidate for a hedge or shrub border.


Dogwoods will grow in a variety of soil types but prefers moist, fertile, well-drained soil. It is not tolerant of extended drought. Mulch will encourage root growth and provide moisture retention. Remember, dogwoods grow best in partial shade. Avoid afternoon sun! If the area is hot and sunny, plant Chinese Dogwood or other shade tree.


 When planting dogwoods, be certain to provide good drainage. If planting in heavy soil, add Pine Bark Mulch to improve. Remember to mulch well around base of tree and avoid planting too deep.


Use Bio Tone during the first season to establish quicker and improve growth.


There are many different varieties of Dogwood trees, all of which have different characteristics and growing patterns. Refer to the following list to pick the Dogwood that is best for you!


Cherokee Princess- Flowering Dogwood- Large, white flowers.  Blooms heavy at a young age.  Classic white flowering dogwood.

Cherokee Brave- Flowering Dogwood- Reddish-pink flowers with a white center.  New leaves are bronze-red-green.  Good resistance to powdery mildew.

Rubra- Pink Flowering Dogwood- One of the best of the pink/red forms.  Opens slightly later than white varieties.

Milky Way- Kousa Dogwood-  Heavy flowering variety of Chinese dogwood.  Good disease resistance.  White flowers followed by showy red fruit.

Summer Fun – Variegated Kousa Dogwood-  Sage green leaves with wide cream-white margins.  Leaf margins may develop some pink hues.  White flowers.  Beautiful foliage.

Scarlet Fire-  Hybrid Dogwood-  A cross between our native flowering dogwood and Kousa dogwood from Rutgers University.  The best red hybrid on the market.  Flowers are almost a true red, not a washed out pink.  Great disease resistance.

Stellar Pink-  Hybrid Dogwood-  Flowers are soft pink/white on young trees.  Older trees exhibit more of a true pink flower.  Good disease resistance.

Venus – Hybrid Dogwood– A hybrid between Kousa dogwood and the West coast Pacific dogwood.  Huge, 5-6” wide white flowers.  Great disease resistance.