Tree Installation


With our experienced team of landscape designers, we have the expertise and knowledge to design and install the perfect landscape for you. Whether you want to add plants to an existing landscape, do a complete renovation or add a stone wall or patio, we are happy to produce a unique, personalized design- just for you and your budget.

Tree Installation and Green Infrastructure Planning 

We love to plant trees! Our clients choose us because of our passion for plants and our deep knowledge of Central Kentucky. Our buying team has over 60 years of experience and we have the resources to find any tree you may be looking for. Let us help you hand select the right tree for your soil type and planting location because there is nothing worse than planting a tree only to realize you wasted 10 years with the wrong selection. We offer full service installation from small to BIG trees to meet your needs, from under planting for the next generation to planting BIG trees that make shade today. Let us mitigate your green infrastructures risk to make sure you won’t have another Emerald Ash Borer problem take away your tree canopy. We will help you plan and implement a multi-year plan to ensure you always have shade, structure, and wind screening where you need it.

Our current client base includes horse farms, commercial sites, industrial parks, large home lots, vineyards and bourbon distilleries.  Reach out to us today so we can help ensure your precious green resource is taken care of for the next generation!

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